Waterless Printing Inks

Toracur Waterless Inks - Zeller+Gmelin’s Toracur line is complete UV ink system complimenting the waterless process for both paper and synthetic print surfaces.

Waterless printing as a process has been around since the early 1970’s and now fills a niche for short run printing that is unique in the industry. While waterless printing may never become a mainstream process, nevertheless it offers certain operating advantages including minimal make-ready, “instant” color, profitable short run lengths and ease of use.

Beyond the special printing plates themselves the key to successful waterless printing lies with the ink and in particular, its stability while being applied. Since many of the typical waterless presses are keyless, color control is managed by adjusting unit temperature. It is therefore critical that the inks maintain their viscosity in a controlled and consistent manner while resisting toning over the range of temperatures that can be applied to the printing unit.

Zeller+Gmelin offers a range of UV curable waterless inks both for paper and synthetic substrate applications. The Toracur line of inks is available as a set of process colors for plastic and paper. The standard four color process inks are formulated with pigments that comply with ISO-2846-1 values and are suitable for G7 applications.  We also offer a permanent process plastic series for use in external applications where fade resistance and anti-weathering properties are crucial.

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