Zeller+Gmelin North America agrega mantas de plástico rígido a la línea de productos de offset seco

Marzo 9, 2022 Richmond, VA - Zeller + Gmelin Norteamérica, fabricante e innovador de tintas comerciales, revestimientos y adhesivos, has partnered with Conti Laserline to provide rigid plastic blankets to converters using dry offset applications. se ha asociado con Conti Laserline para proporcionar mantas de plástico rígido a los convertidores que utilizan aplicaciones de offset seco.

Rebranded from the Conti Laserline RPB, Zeller+Gmelin calls the rigid plastic blanket products “Altitude RPB” and has begun distribution to the North and South American markets. Altitude Rigid Plastic Blankets are a versatile self-adhesive printing form, ideal for printing cylindrical and conical pots and containers. The blankets can be used with UV and LED ink systems and features minimal thickness tolerances, no swelling and less abrasion.

“The Altitude Rigid Plastic Blanket Products are a great addition to our dry offset inks + revestimientos,” says Tim Smith, Dry Offset Product Manager at Zeller+Gmelin. “The material quality and blanket stability allow for the best print performance on the difficult container shapes and challenging substrates found in dry offset applications.”

Brian Felts, Zeller+Gmelin National Sales Manager, states ”CONTI Laserline products have a reputation for quality in Germany and throughout Europe. We’re ecstatic to bring the quality of their rigid plastic blanket products to our North and South American customers.”

Converters interested in learning more about the Altitude RPB products can contact Tim Smith by email at trsmith@zeller-gmelin.com or by mobile at 804-279-8580. To download the brochure online, visitar https://www2.zeller-gmelin.us/markets/dry-offset-printing/.