Zeller+Gmelin — A name synonymous within the industry for innovative products, quality and customer service. For more than 40 years, Zeller+Gmelin has been the trusted leader in UV printing products and in problem solving your printing challenges, giving you the solutions you need to build and focus on your business.

We don’t stop there. We bring everything you need to manage your business. We offer superior customer service, training programs and a comprehensive team of knowledgeable, proven and solution driven individuals who share a commitment to integrity, creativity and success. Our commitment to development, technology and quality have been ongoing for more than 150 years. Since the inception of the UV Printing Ink division in the early 1970’s, Zeller+Gmelin continues to expand its presence throughout the world market.

Headquartered in Eislingen, Germany, we operate more than 30 manufacturing and service support facilities strategically positioned in Europe, Asia, Denmark, Netherlands, Great Britain and the Americas. International agents and subsidiaries also provide a global distribution network for many of our products. Together, all locations employ more than 700 support specialists dedicated to customer service, the promotion of developing the graphic arts / printing industry and creating an environment conducive for problem solving dynamics.

Today, through commitment, performance and growth, Zeller+Gmelin’s products are utilized in over 75 countries. Our expertise and experience enhances our global reputation second to none.