Color Essentials

Color Management

Zeller+Gmelin Corporation offers the online X-Rite Ink Formulation and Color Quality System [iQC].  The new X-Rite eXact™ Spectrophotometer ensures consistency for each and every reading, L*a*b*, density or spectral data.

Your customer can specify color using PANTONE™ spots or define colors using spectral values which provide the highest level of color data. This ensures consistency and repeatability of color everywhere in the workflow production process, from a designer’s conception to the product on the shelf.

The X-Rite Ink Formulation software provides a quick, precise and reliable means to formulate and manage ink leftovers.  Ink Formulation software provides better projection based on substrates, helping Zeller+Gmelin speed up the workflow process with consistent, reproducible results on a broad variety of substrates and ink film thicknesses.  Ink Formulation 6 supports X-Rite Standard for Graphic Arts (XRGA), and along with other XRGA devices, like the eXact™, increases color accuracy, and provides repeatable color measurements for all types of applications and industry standards

Ink Management Tools

The Zeller+Gmelin Flexo Ink Estimator is the first of several tools we are developing to assist in determining ink usage.  In the near future, we will offer mileage estimators for other product lines, in addition to PANTONE™ Matching System.