Dry Offset 71/72 Series LED

Premium Dry Offset LED Printing Inks

The LED 71/72 Series inks are designed to work with the latest LED curing systems. Extensive laboratory evaluation and press testing have proven that these inks perform extremely well and cure completely even at high press speeds when exposed to LED lamps operating in the 395-nanometer wavelength range.


+ Easy handling with excellent application and end use properties
+ For use on most common substrates
+ Cures rapidly and completely with new LED curing units*
+ Less waste
+ Stable in container & on press
+ Easy to wash up
+ Improved mileage
+ Very low odor*
+ Low misting at high speeds
+ Allows for a healthier pressroom environment

*Ask your Zeller+Gmelin representative for more detailed information


+ Extended lamp life beyond 20,000 hours
+ Instant On
+ “Cool Curing” with no heating or distortion of the substrate
+ Reduced energy consumption
+ No toxic mercury from UV lamps
+ No necessity for ventilation


+ Process Colors
+ Pantone Bases
+ Opaque Whites