Dry Offset 73/74 Series

Utility Dry Offset Inks for Plastics

73 & 74 Series Dry Offset Inks are designed for printing on plastic pails, cups, containers, and tubes. The benefits include good adhesion, scratch resistance, and high color strength and gloss. The series is formulated to meet the demands of today’s Dry Offset Printing environment and will yield trouble-free performance at a truly exceptional value.

The 73 Series is designed for high scratch and scuff resistance on plastic containers and lids without the use of an overprint coating.

The 74 series offers the same great print characteristics but is formulated for plastic tubes that require gloss or matte overprint coatings


+ High Gloss
+ Low Misting
+ High Cure Speeds
+ Free Flow Rheology
+ Dense Pigmentation
+ Free Radical Chemistry
+ Excellent adhesion to HDPE, PP, PETE, and other substrates
+ Not Fade Resistant


+ Plastic Cups, Lids, Pails, and other containers (73 Series)
+ Tubes (74 Series)


+ High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
+ Polypropylene (PP)
+ Polystyrene (PS)
+ Expanded Polystyrene (PS)

* Proper testing is recommended before selecting substrates.