NUVAFLEX® 30 Series

Low Migration UV Printing for Food Packaging

The production of truly safe food packaging requires the right choice of printing ink and coating systems. Based on our latest developments, Zeller+Gmelin presents a new generation of low migration UV flexographic printing inks for food packaging and labels in the global printing market. These products distinguish themselves not only in terms of their ability to resist migration into food & drugs but also because of their excellent printability and cured physical properties.

Flexographic Printing

NUVAFLEX® 30 Series can help meet many industry packaging regulations, however, many of those commonly referenced regulations are updated on a frequent basis. We recommend that you contact our regulatory department for details regarding specific regulations. This is our second generation of low migration UV flexo inks for printing on paper and synthetic substrates for labels, sleeves, unsupported films, folding cartons and flexible packaging. The series is characterized by its very low odor and improved wet-rub resistance on synthetic substrates.

NUVAFLEX® 30 Series is also qualified for producing flexible packaging and self-adhesive labels & inmold labels, which are often used in the range of food packaging. Printing tests and analytical results show that when these inks are correctly printed and cured, migration levels under 10 ppb are achievable, assuming Good Manufacturing Practices are observed.

NUVAFLEX® 30 Series has excellent physical properties of adhesion and product resistance when printed on many types of paper and plastic materials. 30 Series allows for a singular UV ink system to be used in food packaging applications.


+ Low Extractables and Migration
+ Excellent strength level
+ Non silicone and wax free (except shrink whites)
+ Hot Stamping & Thermal Imprinting (except shrink whites
+ High/Mid speeds
+ Free flow rheology
+ Free radical chemistry
+ High transparency and gloss
+ Very low odor*
+ VOC free

*Ask your Zeller+Gmelin representative for more detailed information


+ Flexible Packaging
+ Inmold Labels
+ Beverage Labels
+ Pharmaceutical
+ Folding Cartons
+ Foils