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Product offerings are fully tested, qualified and approved. Superior quality UV Curable Low Migration inks delivered when you need them.

Zeller+Gmelin offers several unique, standard, and low migration UV inks for food and pharmaceutical printing. Indirect food contact printing applications, where fully proven low migratory inks are key to the application’s success.  While firmly established in Europe, low migration inks still have relatively new application requirements in North & South American markets.  While most printers in the America’s traditionally use water-based inks when low migration is required, you can now confidently broaden your offerings using our state-of-the-art low migration products. Establish your niche while providing the graphic quality and ease of use UV products provide. Whatever the application, Zeller+Gmelin offers a complete lineup for your Low Migration Food and Pharmaceutical printing needs.

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Low Migration Food and Pharmaceutical Printing Applications:

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    • Dry Offset 77/78 Series

      77/78 Series –  Enhanced to achieve increased adhesion at the highest press speeds, with minimal power consumption. This combination produces a more energy efficient product than ever before.


    • Dry Offset 77/78 Series – Spanish

      Ecológicas y limpias…. Las nuevas Tintas Offset Seco SERIES 77/78 han sido formuladas para imprimir a alta velocidad con un mínimo gasto de energía, resultando así en un producto más eficiente que nunca.


    • NUVAFLEX® 30 Series

      NUVAFLEX® 30 Series – NUVAFLEX® 30 Series base inks are monochromatically pigmented for ease of use along with a high level of continued product consistency.


    • NUVAFLEX® 30 Series Español

      La serie 30 NUVAFLEX® está calificada para imprimir empaques flexibles, mangas, papel, cajas de cartón plegable, sustratos metalizados (folias), etiquetas autoadhesivas y etiquetas moldeadas por inyección (in mold) utilizadas frecuentemente en la amplia gama de empaques para alimentos.


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