Dry Offset Printing Inks

The 77 and 78 Series inks have been designed to extend and create new market opportunities in the Dry Offset printing industry

Zeller+Gmelin’s series of premium dry offset printing inks were developed for the high-speed, high volume dairy and food container market. Inks expertly formulated to satisfy the high demands associated with today’s food packaging printers. Maximize your efficiency with higher press speeds, reduce set-up waste costs and provide end-use products that speak quality with Zeller+Gmelin UV-curable dry offset printing inks.

In accordance with current FDA regulations, 77/78 SERIES inks are fully capable of meeting all applicable safety requirements for incidental food contact applications. Achieve your performance goals with Zeller+Gmelin dry offset printing inks – contact a Zeller+Gmelin team member today to get started.

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Zeller+Gmelin Dry Offset Inks are best used for:

Food Containers


Decorative Metals


And are well known for the following attributes:

UV & LED Curable Formulas

High Adhesion/ Low Migration

High Color Strength & High Gloss

Altitude Rigid Plastic Blankets

Now sold by Zeller+Gmelin

A versatile self-adhesive printing form for printing of cylindrical and conical plastic containers. Used with UV and LED curing ink systems.

ᆞRoll material or self-adhesive formats

ᆞNo swelling / stable in all dimensions

ᆞMinimal thickness tolerances

ᆞLess abrasion

ᆞLong service life

ᆞAbility to print multiple jobs

    • Dry Offset 71/72 Series LED

      71/72 Series – Zeller+Gmelin is pleased to announce the introduction of a new Dry Offset product line specifically designed to work with the latest LED curing systems.


    • Dry Offset 73/74 Series

      73/74 Series -Dry Offset Inks are designed for printing on plastic
      pails, cups, containers and tubes. The benefits include good adhesion and
      scratch resistance, high color strength and high gloss


    • Dry Offset 75/76 Series

      75/76 Series – The production of truly safe food packaging requires the right choice of printing ink and coating system. Based on our latest developments, Zeller+Gmelin presents the 75/76 Series Low Migration UV Dry Offset printing inks for food packaging in the global printing market segment.


    • Dry Offset 77/78 Series

      77/78 Series –  Enhanced to achieve increased adhesion at the highest press speeds, with minimal power consumption. This combination produces a more energy efficient product than ever before.


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Use the select menus below to find documents associated with each series

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Product Series

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