HydroTek™ 42 Series

Waterbased Inks for Thermal Printing

The HydroTek 42 Series inks have been designed to address the changing production needs of the narrow web flexo label printing industry. Retiring experienced press operators, reduced technical knowledge of new, younger operators and trainees, and the ongoing demand to reduce waste and maximize productivity have guided the development of this extremely pH-stable, low viscosity waterbased ink system.

Flexographic Printing

Built-in properties enable fine line screens and reverses to be printed at low BCM counts, while minimizing on-press maintenance and adjustment. Simply shake, pour and run – occasional regular additions of pH adjuster or reducer may be needed, but the normal replenishment of ink in the pan will help maintain the ink’s correct balance.


+ Excellent pH stability
+ High pigmentation
+ Non-silicone and minimal wax content
+ Low odor
+ Low viscosity

+ Excellent drying speed
High transparency and gloss
Ideal for most common thermal paper substrates – NOT INTENDED FOR difficult-to-print film & foil substrates.