Zeller+Gmelin Receives Consecutive Supplier of the Year Award from Berry Global

Richmond, VA – Zeller+Gmelin North America, manufacturer and innovator of printing inks and coatings, is proud to announce that it has secured the prestigious title of “Berry Global Ink Supplier of the Year” for the second consecutive year. As part of their B.E.S.T. program, Berry Global, worldwide leader of plastic packaging solutions, recognized Zeller+Gmelin for outstanding products and services in 2022 in the ink supplier category.

Recognizing suppliers for 15 years, the B.E.S.T. Program stands for Berry Exceptional Supplier Team. Each year, this initiative evaluates supplier performance according to the company goals, and awards the top vendors for outstanding products and service. In the official award letter, Berry Global states, “congratulations on an exceptional team effort that helped Zeller+Gmelin win this award. Thank you for all you do to make our products great for Berry and our customers.”

A longtime partner of Berry Global, Zeller+Gmelin North America supplies the 71 Series, 77 Series and 78 Series inks for the company’s dry offset applications, along with high quality 32 series inks for Berry Global’s flexographic printing lines.  Across the globe, Zeller+Gmelin operates 15 subsidiaries spread across 11 countries, ensuring seamless delivery of ink products to various Berry Global locations worldwide. These premium inks from Zeller+Gmelin are uniquely formulated to meet the stringent requirements of Berry’s quality packaging solutions. They are formulated to maximize efficiency by accommodating higher press speeds and minimizing set-up waste costs. The result is a wide range of ink and coating solutions that meet the high quality standards for Berry Global’s diverse printing needs.  

Tim Smith, Zeller+Gmelin Administrative Sales Manager, and James Devoy, Berry Global Commodity Manager, are the key facilitators of the successful North American partnership. “We are incredibly proud to have received this recognition for the second year in a row. As leaders in our respective industries, Zeller+Gmelin and Berry Global take pride in providing the highest quality solutions for our customers. This dedication to quality and service shared by both parties creates a seamless partnership rooted in mutually-shared values.” says Tim Smith.

To learn more about Zeller+Gmelin’s award winning inks and service, visit www.zeller-gmelin.us.

To learn more about global packaging solutions leader, Berry Global, visit www.berryglobal.com.